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Your best choice for concrete service is The Concrete Of God. We offer premium services including stamped concrete patio design, durable concrete walkway installation, flawless concrete patio construction, precise concrete slab work, reliable concrete repair and elegant concrete paver solutions. Elevate the aesthetics and functionality of your property today.

We assure you a concrete result with high quality standards. You can consult with our staff the estimates for each service, schedule your appointment and get started with the work. We make sure that your project has the most suitable type of concrete, according to your needs and specifications.

We have successfully completed hundreds of projects within the commercial, public, and residential sectors. We are confident that we can provide excellent service to complete a quality project as well.

Our work meets high safety requirements and is certified to the highest standards. We are your best choice for concrete in Richmond.


Rely on our precision in concrete work and repairs. We guarantee level surfaces for safety and convenience, while providing fast and effective repairs to restore your concrete structures.

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Foundations work new and replace.

Foundation work, whether new or replacement, is essential in the construction and maintenance of structures.

It is performed to create the necessary space for the new foundation. The depth and size of the excavation depends on several factors, such as the type of soil and the weight of the structure.

It involves the planning and design of the foundation according to the characteristics of the soil and the loads that the structure will support. This may include shallow (footings) or deep (piles) foundations.

If the existing foundation is damaged or does not meet requirements, controlled demolition of the old foundation may be required.

Concrete Services

( New Construction, Residential & Commercial)

Residential Concrete

Residential concrete service refers to the installation and finishing of concrete elements in residential properties, such as houses, condominiums and apartments. This service encompasses a variety of applications in the construction and improvement of homes, providing durability, functionality and aesthetics.

Working with residential concrete service professionals is essential to ensure the quality, durability and safety of installations. The professionals know the proper concrete preparation, pouring and finishing techniques to achieve optimal results, according to the required objectives.

Commercial Concrete

"Commercial Concrete" refers to concrete used in commercial or business projects, as opposed to residential concrete used in homes. Commercial concrete is used in a wide range of applications in commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings.

Concrete used in commercial projects generally has specific requirements due to the strength and durability demands of these environments. Because commercial concrete is used in larger and more complex projects, it is essential to have professionals and experts in the construction field to properly design and execute commercial concrete applications.

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